Program & Website needs!!

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Program & Website needs!! Empty Program & Website needs!!

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:31 pm

Please send us immediately:
- an image that is 308x162, preferrably 300dpi in CMYK
- the name you'd like to appear as (i.e. Tom Smith instead of Thomas Smith, or TomCat Studios)
- a blurb to put under your name that is 200 characters or less (not 200 words)
- your website

I need this information from everybody ASAP!

I'm currently working on the page on the website where all of this will live. Here is the test page, please take a look at it, I very well may only need your "blurb" that will go under your name as I've been taking images off the JAS website (when you applied), and many of you listed your website names in your application.

Everybody should check the page above and make sure their information is correct.

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